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Original Halloween ‘Shape’ Offers Insight on Michael Myers’ Development

Halloween 2018 is just another in a long line of Michael Myers movies and for any fan of the horror movie franchise, not much beats the original. While the latest reboot is receiving praise and sees the return of original actress Jamie Lee Curtis, the man who first played the “shape” aka Myers, took to Twitter to offer a small joke about the state of the serial murderer’s state of mind. I just saw the movie. All I gotta say is, 40 years of professional therapy did not help Michael one bit!!! — Nick Castle OG Shape (@ncastlez) October 9,
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The Witcher Is Right On Track, According to Showrunner

Henry Cavill’s latest project, The Witcher; is reportedly¬†on track and everyone is incredibly busy looking to make this Netflix feature work! The former (or current, depending on what report you read) Superman star is set to be the lead, as Geralt of Rivia; for this popular series, which originated as novels and has been adapted into video games, comic books, and now a television series. On deadline! Send M&Ms! Not the regular ones, you heathens. Peanut M&Ms. Always peanut. — Lauren S. Hissrich (@LHissrich) October 9, 2018 There had been some hoopla over the casting of Millie Brady as Renfri,
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