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Animated Super Mario Bros. Movie In The Works From Illumination

AjfairnotBeen a nerd my whole life. Started with anime and cartoon not soon after Films, Comic Books and Video Games became what I enjoyed as well. Star Wars is the great franchise, but I do love Star Trek, Lord of the Ring, and Harry Potter. I want the nerd community to be kind to each other. Stop sending threats to each other and celebrities. I would love to engage in intense debate about the things we all love, not yell at each other and call people idiots just because they don’t agree with your opinions. I also love sports, boxing
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Image Comics Officially Reveal Cover for Upcoming Comic: Prodigy

Image Comics is pleased to exclusively reveal a triptych cover for a brand new upcoming PRODIGY comic book by Mark Millar, best known for his work on Kingsmen The Magic Order and, Civil War with illustrations by Rafael Albuquerque who has previously worked on the likes of Batman and, American Vampire. The series will launch this December from Image Comics and is the latest addition to the Netflix Millarworld franchises shepherded by Mark and his wife Lucy. On top of some pretty cool looking cover art we also get a small synopsis of Prodigy which reads as follows; “In PRODIGY, Edison Crane’s not content being the
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