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Wesley Snipes Says Blade Reboot is “Up to Marvel”

While we are all consumed with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are some comic book movies from years ago that still stand out. One would be Wesley Snipe’s 1998’s Blade. Well before Robert Downey Jr. first put on the Iron Man suit and before Chadwick Boseman helmed his Black Panther film, we had Snipes giving us a dark rendition of a superhero movie with Blade. Much more related to the way the Netflix Marvel shows are, would a Blade remake fit into the normally “cheery” MCU? Albeit there was nothing cheery about Avengers: Infinity War! Of course, fans would
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Did Jake Gyllenhaal’s Video Hint to Spider-Man: Far From Home Plot?

While the internet has surmised of Jake Gyllenhaal’s involvement in Spider-Man: Far From Home for a while and there have been behind the scenes videos of him as Mysterio, the actor recently broke his silence in a hilarious Instagram video. Apparently, Gyllenhaal wasn’t aware that he was not portraying Peter Parker. View this post on Instagram I just realized I’m not playing Spider-Man. A post shared by Jake Gyllenhaal (@jakegyllenhaal) on Dec 5, 2018 at 12:03pm PST While the video was a hilarious tease for fans, it also could be leading to other clues. You have to love the internet,
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Comic Review: Resurrected #4

It’s been a while but Resurrected is back with an all-new issue that really takes the fight between the natives of Austrailia and the Drexler Corporation to a whole new level. This is easily the most action-packed issue of the series so far and it doesn’t skip on those hard-hitting emotional moments either. Despite, having some very minor pacing issue’s Resurrected #4 elevates the series in ways previous issues never could and still continues to showcase that very realistic tone that the series has owned since day one. Plot I’ll avoid spoilers as best I can here but Resurrected’s latest
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