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Anthony Michael Hall To Make Guest Appearance On Marvel’s ‘Agents of SHIELD’

mllkatI am a 50 something child of the 70’s who admits to being a Star Trek/Star Wars/Comic Book junkie who once dove head first over a cliff (Ok, it was a small hill) to try to rescue his Fantastic Four comic from a watery grave. I am married to a lovely woman who is as crazy as I am and the proud parent of a 15 year old boy with autism. My wife and son are my real heroes.
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Spider-Man: Far From Home – Trailer Breakdown

So the trailer for Marvels 3rd film of this year, Spider-Man: Far From Home has just dropped and honestly it was a lot better than I was anticipating. There’s plenty to dive into here and discuss as well as a fair amount of speculation to be had so let’s not waste any more time and just get straight into it. Oh, and how cool does this poster look? The trailer starts off with something I instantly loved. Not only are Peter and Aunt May working together but they appear to be at a charity event at a homeless shelter. Any
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The Official Synopsis for Spider-Man: Far From Home Revealed

While we don’t know yet what awaits us in Avengers: Endgame, we do have an official trailer from Spider-Man: Far From Home that can make us feel a little bit better. After all, we have a happy Peter Parker going on a class trip, Happy and Aunt May perhaps getting together (?), and oh my god, Jake Gyllenhaal looking so good as Mysterio! New international trailer dropped for #SpiderManFarFromHome — Geek Vibes Nation🖖 (@GeekVibesNation) January 15, 2019 I digress, here’s the official synopsis for the movie: “Peter Parker returns in Spider-Man: Far From Home, the next chapter of the
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