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Lou Diamond Phillips to Direct a Season Six ‘Marvel’s Agents of Shield’ episode

When it was announced that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was renewed for Season Six, and later Season Seven, that was about all anyone knew. Eventually more details emerged, including that the Son of Coul himself, Clark Gregg would be directing the premier episode. However, Gregg was not the only guest director they decided to enlist as Lou Diamond Phillips of LaBamba fame was also brought aboard to direct a yet to be named episode. This is not Phillip’s first rodeo as he has directed episodes of Longmire, in which he also starred, The Twilight Zone and recently, Fear of the
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Tom Hanks In Talks To Play ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker In Elvis Biopic

When Elvis was taking over the entertainment world, the one constant in his early career was his manager “Colonel” Tom Parker. It was through his vigilance that his intitial Sun records deal was signed and eventually his huge deal with RCA records. After that Elvis became a cultural Phenomenon appearing on TV, Movies, and breaking attendance records everywhere he went. And always, in the background, making things happen was Tom Parker. Variety has revealed that Tom Hanks is in negotiations with the Warner Bros. to play the iconic manager in Baz Luhrmann’s yet unnamed Elvis biopic. Luhrmann will direct the movie and he
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Early Impressions of NOS4A2 After C2E2 Screening

This past weekend I was able to attend the screening of the NOS4A2 pilot episode at C2E2, thanks to AMC’s generosity.  Now before I begin, I want to note that I have never read the book (Joe Hill), nor have I ever seen the original silent film.  I’m coming at this series as AMC is intending, as an experienced viewer.  While I’m sure that the series will pay homage to the book that they based their take off of, I’m also certain that it will not be their main objective.  I’m willing to wager that their main objective is to
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