3 Things The New Avengers: Endgame Trailer Confirmed

Marvel just released the latest trailer for their upcoming Avengers: Endgame and needless to say, the internet is freaking out. While it didn’t give too much away, there were a few things that this latest sneak peek offered that previous ones hadn’t. Before we touch on what those were, please check out the trailer below:

Nebula and Tony Make it Back to Earth

With previous trailers, where we saw Tony in space, we wondered how Iron Man would even make it back to Earth considering things looked so grim. On top of that, we didn’t even see Nebula in the first trailer, which confused some considering the two of them were the only ones left on Titan. But, as we see from this latest trailer, both are on Earth and working with the rest of the Avengers, something that I’ve wanted to see since Civil War.

Carol Danvers is With the Avengers

Spoiler alert. For anyone who saw Captain Marvel, the mid-credit scene revealed that Carol would get down to Earth to respond to the distress signal Fury made before disappearing in Infinity War. But, to see Carol actually interacting with the Avengers and even gaining Thor’s respect, was such a fan service moment. We can’t wait for our strongest Avengers to team together.

The Avengers are Going to the Quantum Realm

Back when there were leaks of toys teasing Quantum suits for the Avengers, we had a feeling that we would see this in the movie. Considering Ant-Man and The Wasp set up for the Quantum Realm and behind the scene photos showed clear signs of time travel, we ha da hunch. But, now we have confirmation that they are going into the Quantum Realm and those outfits just look spectacular.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26th – Are you ready?