4 Couples in Television That We Wish Were Canon

Yes, Valentine’s Day. Most likely, every journalistic platform is putting out articles celebrating some of the greatest romances in television. For this piece though, we’re going to highlight just a small handful of ships that we oh so wish were canon. Now, again; this is an incredibly short list that will certainly leave some out, so make sure you let me know on Twitter who you wish were official couples in your favorite TV show.

Sonny Carisi and Amanda Rollins (Law & Order: SVU)

The long-running crime show brought in Kelli Gillish as Amanda Rollins in season thirteen and Peter Scanavino since season sixteen. While they’ve paired Rollins up with a few characters throughout the seasons and we’ve barely seen Carisi’s love life, these two have formed #Rollisi. With Carisi’s caring nature and Rollins internal fire, the two are opposites that work so very well together. We’ve seen several cases throughout the seasons that prove the two care for each other and even in one of the latest episodes, where Carisi was visibly uncomfortable when Rollins’ baby daddy proposed. There was even a deleted scene where Olivia Benson called Carisi out on his feelings for his partner. While I’m not sure if the two will ever pair up because they work together, every episode feeds my favorite SVU ship.

Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Gif source. This quote is in the book, not the show, unfortunately.

When we were first introduced to Jaime Lannister, he was pretty much a pompous prick. It wasn’t until the Lannister was introduced to Brienne of Tarth that he suddenly became likable. At least, to this Game of Thrones fans. Whereas Jaime was too arrogant for his own good while with Cersei, Brienne almost humbled him and helped round him out. They shared an unusual bond that was still there even after the two had reunited in the seventh season. The beginning of their “friendship” was less than ideal at first, with Jaime’s spoiled upbringing causing him to be particularly rude to Brienne, she proved herself a capable warrior and won his intrigue and admiration. Plus, she’s taller than him and I love that aesthetic.

Mad Sweeney and Laura Moon (American Gods)

Whether you call them #MadWife or #MadMoon (although that ship can refer to Shadow Moon and Mad Sweeney), there’s no denying there is some great chemistry between Pablo Schreiber’s Mad Sweeney and Emily Browning’s Laura Moon. Why Both characters can be volatile in their own way, they begrudgingly embark on a mission that had Sweeney at some point admitting that he personally does not want Laura to be dead. Laura may be trying to win back the affection of her husband Shadow, but it’s clear, based on the trailers; in season two that we’re going to see more of this duo interact and it’d be by sheer stubbornness alone that the two wouldn’t actually get together.

Frank Castle and Karen Page

Here is a ship that so badly deserved to be canon that I have to include two gifs. Feast your eyes on the #Kastle goodness and tell me that both didn’t set up for Frank Castle and Karen Page to kiss. Karen has felt a connection to Frank since Daredevil season two and despite the fact that their first interaction was The Punisher opening fire in a hospital and Karen running from him, Karen became close to his heart. Not only did Frank go to Karen when he needed help, but he even stated to Micro that she was family to him. Karen defended Frank to Matt in season three of Daredevil and Karen firmly expressed to Frank that nothing he did changed her feelings for him. To think we went from “ma’am” to Frank even flirting mildly with Karen is a blessing for us shippers. If Netflix wasn’t canceling everything, I have no doubt this ship would have become canon.

Let me know what you think of my favorite ships and tell me who you desperately wanted/want to be canon on a television series! Happy Valentine’s Day!