7 Gifs That Prove Klaus Is the True Rockstar of The Umbrella Academy

Oh, Klaus Hargreeves — The drug-addicted, hedonistic character from Netflix’s latest hit, The Umbrella Academy. He’s like a wildly addictive narcotic that you just can’t get enough of. Haven’t watched the binge-worthy series yet? Shame on you. But that’s okay, if you’ve been anywhere near the internet since the series debuted on February 15th, then you’ve likely witnessed the horde of tweets, memes, and mentions of the infamous Klaus.

Between his killer wardrobe, spot-on comedic timing, ability to communicate with the dead, and tear-jerking love story, it’s no surprise he’s become such a fan favorite.

Hats off to you, Robert Sheehan.

Here’s a look at some of the best Klaus moments of the season.

#1. “Don’t stop now… (grunting) I’m almost there…”

When Cha-Cha and Hazel, time-traveling assassins, begin strangling Klaus, interrogating him in hopes of procuring some valuable intel, his response is epic, becoming aroused by their abuse.

Visibly frustrated, Hazel and Cha-Cha then try waterboarding him; placing a towel over his face and pouring a stream of water on him. His reaction? Klaus begins drinking the water, thanking his two captors for satiating his thirst.


#2. “Well, and I’m also quite hungry.”

After failing to obtain some much-needed information about the owner of a prosthetic eyeball from Meritech, Klaus asks Five for twenty bucks. Five says, “The world’s about to end and all you can think about is getting high?” and Klaus responds, “Well, and I’m also quite hungry. Tummy’s a rumblin.”


#3. Just keep dancing

Hazel and Cha-Cha attack the Academy. While fighting and carnage ensues in the household, Klaus enjoys a bubble bath then dances around in a towel with his walkman playing the entire time. He’s completely oblivious to the battle raging on all around him.


#4. Klaus’s Afterlife Moment

While at a rave, Klaus falls and hits his head, sending him into the afterlife. There he comes face to face with the closest thing to a father figure he’s ever known, Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

Klaus: You know, I suggest you get down off your high horse there, dear Papa. You never had our best interests at heart. Look at your precious Number One. Luther found all the unopened letters he’d sent you. He knows that you sent him up to the Moon for nothing.

Sir Reginald: [regretfully] That was foolish of me.

[Klaus looks at him strangely, clearly hoping this is the start of some kind of epiphany]

Sir Reginald: I should have burned it all.

Klaus: That’s your takeaway?


#5. “This is my nicest outfit”

Klaus, getting ready to pose as number five’s father, gifts us with this golden moment. He truly slays the wardrobe game.


#6. Playing Tennis with Hitler

The siblings are together chatting about their father’s death. The coroner chalked it up to a heart attack, but not everyone is on board with that ruling.

Luther: Look, I know you don’t like to do it, but I need you to talk dad.

Klaus: [scoffing]: I just, can’t call dad in the afterlife and be like, “Dad, could you stop playing tennis with Hitler for a moment, and take a quick call?”

Luther: Since when? That’s your thing.”

Klaus: I’m not in the right…frame of mind.”

Luther: You’re high?

Klaus: [laughing] Yeah, yeah. I mean how are you not, listening to this nonsense.


#7. Is that my skirt?

Allison peers over at Klaus’s skirt…

Allison: Is that my skirt?

Klaus: Oh, yeah, this. I found it in your room, it’s a little dated, I know, but… It’s very breathy on the, bits.

While I could continue to literally gush over Klaus’s awesomeness, I’d rather hear some of your favorite Klaus moments. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!