7 Things I Need From Season 8 of Game of Thrones

The 8th and final season of Game of Thrones was announced to be coming in April of 2019 today by HBO, and the anticipation is right back up at fever pitch. We return to Westeros in only 5 months, and honestly, I can not wait. So that got me thinking as to what exactly I need from the final season of my favorite television show to make me satisfied with the ending (but if we’re being honest, I’m going to be satisfied either way). Season 7 ended with Jaime Lannister leaving Cersei to go help Jon, Daenerys, and their armies fight off the Army of the Dead and the Night King. Speaking of which, the last thing we saw from season 7 was the Night King and his new dragon, Viserion, tear down Eastwatch. So now that we’re all caught up, let’s talk about a few things that I am excited to see happen in season 8.


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I’m not really going in any specific order here, and quite frankly, this is probably the one that’s most likely to happen since it’s been teased for basically the whole show. But seeing Gregor and Sandor Clegane fight each other is something that every Game of Thrones fan has wanted for a longggg time. And honestly, it really doesn’t matter who wins, even though we’d prefer the Hound to make it out alive, this fight will easily be one of the best in the show’s history. Really, all that I ask is that it’s not just a random fight between the two brothers. Maybe something along the lines of The Mountain gets sent by Cersei to lead the defense of King’s Landing and that’s where he and the Hound fight each other.

Jon and Arya reuniting in Winterfell

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Here’s another one that’s almost a guarantee to happen, since Arya is in Winterfell, and Jon is heading there with Dany. But nonetheless, seeing these two reunite will leave everyone crying tears of joy. I can’t wait to see Jon’s reaction to his little sister basically becoming an assassin. And I’m sure that Arya’s reaction to Jon being King in the North is going to be priceless. Along the lines of Jon’s arrival will be the people of Winterfell seeing dragons for the first time, Sansa and Daenerys meeting for the first time, and Bran potentially coming face to face with the guy who pushed him from the window to start this whole show, Jaime Lannister.

The Battle of Winterfell

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Speaking of Winterfell, I honestly can not wait for what is said to be the biggest battle in Game of Thrones history, when the Night King and the Army of the Dead march on Winterfell. Peter Dinklage has said that it makes the Battle of the Bastards look small, which is really saying something. Ultimately, I have a feeling that this will be one of the best episodes of television history, as I really think that the entire episode is going to be focused on this battle. I wouldn’t be shocked if this is where the Night King is defeated, so along with him, we’ll probably be saying goodbye to Icy Viserion. I’d need some epic fighting here with Jon going one on one with the Night King as he’s got to be the one to kill him. I’m also really hoping for a Dany and Drogon fight against the Night King and Viserion; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rhaegal didn’t make it out of the battle.

Arya’s list being completed

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Since season 2, Arya has had a list of names that she intends to kill. While the majority of the list is already dead, there’s still 5 names left: Beric Dondarrion (who I believe is going to be let off the list by Arya), The Red Woman (again, I think Arya lets her off the list since she saved Jon), Ilyn Payne (yeah, he’s still out there lurking), The Mountain, and Cersei Lannister. Of the people left on the list, I really think Arya will only get to kill one: Ilyn Payne. As I said earlier, I think the Hound will kill the Mountain. And Cersei, I’ll get into later. I mean, look at the names that have been on her list: The Hound (she let him off), Walder Frey (she did kill him), Meryn Trant (she killed him too), Joffrey (she missed on his death), Tywin Lannister (she missed his death too), and Polliver (she killed him too). So of the 6 names on the list that aren’t there anymore, Arya has killed 3 of them. With 3 names left, Arya killing one really wouldn’t be that big of a disappointment. Plus, I’m sure she’ll kill her share of White Walkers and Wights.

Cersei’s fate

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Cersei has been another character that has been around since season 1, and since season 1 there have been plenty of people that have hated Cersei, including myself at one point. However, after season 6 I came around to liking Cersei a bit more. Nonetheless, I full heartedly expect her to die since she is the main villain of the entire show. The only question is who is going to be the one to kill her? I’ve narrowed it down to 5 possible outcomes: Jaime, Tyrion, Arya, Jon, or Daenerys. However, ultimately I think it will be Jaime Lannister who ends up killing his sister and coming full circle in his character arc. As much as I’ve come to like Cersei, I know her time on the show is almost up, and it only makes sense to have the person that has been closest to her the whole show be the one to do it.

The final episode

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Yes, I am indeed looking forward to the final episode of Game of Thrones. But not becasue the show is ending, but because I can’t wait to see HOW they end the show. Who’s going to sit on the Iron Throne? Will there even be an Iron Throne? Will anyone that has died come back as Wights? Who else is going to die? These are all things that I can’t wait to see happen in the final season/episode. Now, each episode has been confirmed to be over an hour long, so I’m sure all of my questions will be answered in very good detail and the show will end perfectly; however, I am still very sad that it’s coming to an end as Thrones has 100% become my all time favorite show and quite frankly, my obsession. It’ll be weird living in a world without Game of Thrones, but oddly enough, I’m very excited to see how they end the show.

Week by week Thrones discussions

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If I learned something from season 7, it was that there’s nothing like the Game of Thrones fan base, and literally everyone watches this show. I loved live tweeting season 7, then going and talking about it with my friends. With all that is expected to happen in season 8, it’s sure to spark more conversation throughout the week and will lead to a ton more heated conversations regarding what is going on in the show. Be sure to be following Geek Vibes Nation for all the post show content you could imagine for!