A Letter to the Marvel Cinematic Universe


With the release of EndGame coming this week, it marks the end of a major cinematic universe. This universe has spanned over the course of eleven years with twenty-one movies, earning billions of dollars worldwide. These films have been unmatched with their storylines and movie making, and that is simply incredible. The statistical accomplishments can be listed on and on, but the franchise has an effect on others worldwide and myself that is much deeper.

With the release of Iron Man in May of 2008 fans had no idea what we were in for. Jumping into the way back machine, in 2008 I was an eleven-year-old kid living in a small city in New Jersey (Shout out to the Villas). In the time since the MCU has been carried out, I have moved from that small city in Jersey graduated college in an even smaller town in central New York, and have grown into the young man I am today.

Anyone who knows me can attest that I love Marvel and the MCU. I even have Marvel characters tattooed on my leg with plans to add more (sorry mom). The MCU has been around for half of my life so far, and it has always brought me a little closer to friends and my father. What started as a father/son tradition of sneaking into the newest Marvel film on a Friday night has turned into date nights for my girlfriend and myself over the course of the years. However, my father and I still find time theorize about the latest film even though I may see the movie before him. These larger than life heroes portrayed on the silver screen have taught myself many lessons over the course of the years.

Captain America, oh Cap, where do I begin? You said it yourself in Winter Soldier “For as long as I can remember, I just wanted to do what was right.” You will always do what you believe is right, without question. You do not compromise your morals, like EVER. As we grow up facing many difficult decisions this can be an easy feature to lose. Even with your fight against your friend/partner Tony Stark in Civil War, which leads me to you Mr. Stark.

In many occasions you have been a comedic relief. From your witty remarks to your sarcastic attitude, you seem to lighten up the mood no matter how dire the situation was/is (whether the money plays a role in this is up for debate). As a young man who still has some growing to do there will be adversity that comes up, and in some occasions you need to make light of the situation to get through it.

Now to the team that tends to be a little nutty: Starlord and the Guardians.


You are a reminder of what friendship and family can be, even if they drive you crazy. You helped teach me to appreciate those who truly care for and love me. As I grew/grow up, I realize that in some occasions I may have taken those close to me for granted. They have made sacrifices to help me get where I am at, maybe not to the extreme that Starlord faced in Infinity War, but I am forever grateful for them. As for my friends that I have made throughout my life, the Guardians are a perfect example of strangers who come from different backgrounds who have each other’s backs no matter what.

This has been mostly about myself, and the personal attachments to the MCU, but lets not forget that young kids and fans worldwide. Marvel has provided heroes and role models to countless kids across the world. They have provided joy, inspiration, and comfort to their fans. Before the release of Infinity War, Kevin Feige posted a Thank You to us fans for supporting the MCU for all these years. In a way though, the thanks should go to him and the countless teams who have worked on the MCU movies throughout the duration of the MCU.

fiege thank you