A Third Season for American Gods is Very Likely to Happen


A showrunner for a third season for American Gods is being sought after, sources tell Deadline. According to a source close to production of the Stars series:

“We didn’t make Season 2 of American Gods not to make a Season 3.”

The second season has not premiered yet (it will on March 10th) and while it seems that the show is likely to get another season, the problem is that the network does not want to wait two years as it did in between the first and second season. With Bryan Fuller’s exit, they needed to find a showrunner, who then dropped out in the middle of the second season. According to sources, a rock-solid blueprint needs to be on the table before a third season is ordered.

We certainly hope there is a third season, as the series, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman; was always imagined as running at least five seasons. It’s told that the third season would revolve around the Lakeside portion of Gaiman’s novel; so come on, Starz; let’s get something on the table so fans can continue enjoying this bizarre and exciting show!