ABC ‘THE CONNORS’ Reveal Season Premier Images

You’re never too famous to get booted off of your own show. After Roseanne Barr made some defamatory and racist remarks on Twitter, the studio decided to pull the plug on her show. Roseanne had originally been a hit show and even I had spent many afternoons binge-watching older episodes. So, it was really a looked forward to even when Roseanne came back on air, gaining a second season early on. But, the character Roseanne’s stance on the current president and the real-life Roseanne’s remarks both during and after the tweet came out made her undesirable to the show.

Never wanting to miss out on making a profit, though; the studio decided to keep the show, just without Roseanne. The actors and crew of Roseanne were all out of a job and considering none of them stood by Roseanne during this time, the studio felt they should move forward with “The Connors”. The spin-off show will return October 16th, with the first episode titled “Keep on Trucking”. John Goodman, who plays Roseanne’s husband, cryptically teased that the show will explain its former titular character’s absence by essentially killing her off. We can see from promo pics released by ABC that it seems Roseanne’s sister Jackie is giving the bad news to the rest of the family.

Will you tune in to The Connors?