Actress Shortlist Revealed for Disney’s ‘CRUELLA’

Disney’s long awaited live action film based on one of their most popular villains ever, Cruella de Vil, seems to be taking shape as today That Hashtag Show has revealed a short list of actresses to star along side Emma Stone.  The list mentions some of Hollywood’s most elite actresses and at the top of that list is Nicole Kidman. THS indicates that role will be for the “Baroness”. The Baroness will be the films antagnoist and will help shape Cruella de Vil into the villain she is known for today.


Some more names attached to possibly get the role are Charlize Theron, Juliane Moore, Demi Moore, and Emma Thompson. More news regarding the film was released today as well as screenwriter Tony McNamara has been brought on to rewrite the current script. Disney is eyeing to start production some time this year around July or August and a release date for 2020 was hopeful but with a script rewrite nothing is certain.

How do you feel about the list of names released today? Who would you like to see the role go to?

Source: THS