Alan Tudyk Cast as Mr. Nobody in DC Universe’s Doom Patrol

DC Universe’s upcoming Doom Patrol added another recognizable face to its cast. Not too long ago we reported that Brendan Fraser had been cast as Robotman. Now, we can announce that Alan Tudyk has been brought in as Mr. Nobody. Tudyk has had a long list of cinematic achievements, such as Firefly, Dollhouse, and most recently a cameo in Deadpool 2. You probably know him, though; as the pirate in the hilarious movie Dodgeball. My point being, he’s a well-known actor joining a team of other well-known actors.

Tudyk will portray Eric Morden aka Mr. Nobody, who is literally transformed into a living shadow after undergoing experiments performance by a former Nazi scientist, which drives him to madness. A villainous creature, Mr. Nobody has the ability to drain the sanity of others, which does not sound like a good time for the unlikely band of heroic misfits.

DC Universe will launch in September, with Doom Patrol premiering in 2019.