Amazon’s The Boys Releases New Violent Trailer

The Boys is the R-Rated anti-superhero show of your dreams. Made even more apparent with its brand new violent trailer that’s been released.

We see, in the trailer; the tragic origin story of Wee Hughie who ends up joining The Boys after his girlfriend is killed quite violently by a superhero. This show will explore the darker side of superheroes and the fame that goes to their heads, causing them to feel that they are untouchable.

The TV adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s comic series is brought to us by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Erick Kripke. The pilot episode was directed by Dan Trachtenberg.

Goldberg had stated in a previous interview:

“Without the success of Preacher I can’t imagine they ever would have considered it for a minute. Even though Preacher is by far the craziest most reality-bending, genre-bending thing, The Boys is much more grounded in reality but it is equally insane in its own unbelievably gritty, unforgiving analysis of like societal flaws through this very different story. Without any doubt, there’s no chance they would have even considered letting us do this, nor would they consider anyone doing it I would imagine without Preacher, because it just proved this crazy can happen.”

The Boys will hit Amazon Prime on July 26.

Source: CB