American Gods Actors Tease That Filming New Season Was Like Being “On an Acid Trip”

American Gods Season 1 2017

We’re only a few weeks away from American Gods season two and some of the spectacular cast stopped by EW for a discussion about the season after a screening of the second season premiere. According to the actors, the trippy first episode was a little like being on a…special kind of trip.

“We just take acid,” [Ricky] Whittle joked, “and then we go, ‘Aaaand action!’”

Orlando Jones then commented:

“It’s ridiculous. It’s like you’re on some acid trip the whole damn time.”

While the episode may have been funky and psychedelic, Pablo Schreiber comments on the direction of season two and how it differs from the tone and pace of season one:

“Where season 1 set up the world and took a lot of time to establish the world we were living in and set up these dialogues and hit on a number of issues, season 2 is a little more plot-driven. We’re really moving the book forward, and the story forward.”

Jones pointed out, as well; about the characters’ stories in the second season:

“In season 1, it was a lot of work just to get [the concept] out there,” Jones said. “In season 2, a lot of those things are more rooted in characters and what their emotions are.”

March 10th is when American Gods season two comes out and with all the trailers and live-posters that the American Gods official Twitter page is teasing, it looks like it’s going to be a great season. Catch up on season one now!