American Gods Ricky Whittle Talks About Having Talks of Being Green Lantern


Green Lantern’s 2011 rendition was a flop, but people have been wishing for an adaptation that does the character justice. There was most likely slight hope in Justice League when the Green Lantern Corp was hinted at, but without a Hal Jordan or a John Stewart, it felt like a cheap way to throw an iconic group into the mix. It does seem though that we might be inching towards the chance of actually getting a Green Lantern on screen and it was writer Michael Green that suggested that Ricky Whittle of American Gods and The 100 would be a great choice.

The actor himself, Mr. Whittle; talked about actually having met with “certain parties” about playing the iconic role:

“We know that Green Lantern Corps is coming out. I’ve had conversations, and to be in the conversation is a big honor. That’s all I can really ever ask for. Lots of fans have been campaigning for me. If they can get me Green Lantern, too, we are going to have to do something special. I’m going to have to start doing tours in full costume and go and watch with all the fans. But, yeah, I would love to be a part of that world. Hopefully, they do it justice this time.”

Whittle also commented on which Lantern he’d like to play:

“It’s a fantastic character, and an important character, if you read the comics in terms of human society and race and different issues that we are engulfed by in at the moment in America. You never know. If Geoff Johns is reading this, I am definitely up for it. I’m a huge fan. What I like is they are taking their time with it. They are not rushing it like with the first one. They are taking their time and doing it right, which is how it should be. It’s in good hands with Geoff. Fingers crossed. Whatever he does, I’ll be watching it, no matter what.”

It should be noted that “talking” does not mean an actor is guaranteed to play the role, but it is cool to see that Whittle would even be interested in taking up the Green Lantern mantle. And hopefully, filming Green Lantern would fit into his schedule for American Gods, where he plays main character Shadow Moon. The STARZ series is expected to get a third season, so I’m personally hoping that’s the case.

Geoff Johns is writing a script, despite the movie having been seemingly put on the backburner since 2014, where it was initially announced it would be in the DCEU. When a script was being written by David Goyer and Justin Rhodes it was described as “Lethal Weapon in space”, but with so much having changed, who knows if this still applies. Would you like to see Ricky Whittle as the Green Lantern and are you hoping we get updates on this movie soon?

Source: Cinema Blend