American Gods Season 2 Episode 1: The New Gods Did Not Come to Play [Major Spoilers]


While I may have done a previous review of the first two episodes of American Gods season two, I feel I can now do a more detailed description of the premiere now that it is finally here! If you scoot over to the Starz app, season two’s first episode is available to watch and enjoy, and from my own personal experience, along with reviews I’m seeing from fans online, I can truly say that the negative articles are clearing latching onto the “drama” behind the scenes with those reviewing never having really watched the show before. I’m sorry, season two is already gearing up to be better than season one – there’s no lag, i.e. large chunks in the beginning dedicated to unrelated stories, and we’re thrown right into the plot, with the actors better than ever.

I digress. We saw the beginning of the first episode when the first three minutes were shown during Starz’s rewatch of the first season. Technical Boy and Mr. World have fled the scene after Mr. Wednesday unleashed an attack on Mr. World, leaving him wounded. Media has gone somewhere else, though; we know that it will be New Media that Technical Boy ends up finding.

Mr. Wednesday has gathered a dozen Old Gods for his war, though; none really seem convinced that his war is worth it – in reality, it more so seems that they mostly went to talk Odin out of his attempts to wage a battle against the New Gods. It seemed as if Wednesday may not have any of his side, if it weren’t for Shadow and his grandiose speech – though, when Shadow was stating how he had lost everything, it made me wonder how Shadow will feel once finding out Wednesday and Sweeney were the ones who killed Laura. If Shadow ever finds out.

As always, Sweeney and Laura’s banter continue to be some of the best moments in American Gods. There were moments during the car ride to House on The Rock and even the diner scene afterward where it felt more like Shadow was the third wheel, not Sweeney. Other honorable mentions are the Jinn and Salim’s reunion, which clearly did not pan out the way I’m sure Salim had hoped it would. And we cannot forget Queen Bilquis, how she commanded the scene and also, how she made good on her agreement with the New Gods.

The New Gods did not appear all that much in the new episode, but their presence was much more dangerous than it had been in the previous season. At this point, Mr. World knows that he cannot stand back and wish for Mr. Wednesday to go away. And he knows now that offering a deal to Odin will not work either. With Mr. World at Black Briar, he’s readying himself for an attack. I believe that his line to the one guy at Black Briar “I am the man behind the man behind the man” was incredibly well-delivered. And really played on the idea that many have – that someone like the President is simply a “cardboard cutout” and there is something greater pulling the strings.

I, of course; have to give a nod to Technical Boy, who always serves as an irritated device just waiting to be properly used. As the literal God of Technology, Tech Boy could have the potential to really do some damage but the leader, Mr. World; and virtually everyone else underestimates him. Even while the two are looking at the footage from Bilquis’s tracking, Tech Boy simply says “I could have tracked them for you” to which Mr. World offers up an explanation that they needed Bilquis to feel complicity. To which Tech Boy just urges him to get it on already – tired of the back and forth games the two sides seem to play with each other.

We see that Mr. World is now not afraid to lead an attack on the Old Gods, calling out to Mr. Town to strike. Mr. Town, played by Dean Winters; succeeded in bringing “shock and awe” to the table, not only abducting Shadow, but killing Zorya in the process. Possibly the only one who Wednesday shows genuine feeling for, we also see Chernozbog mourn her death – a character who I’m glad we’re seeing more of. Doing this in the first episode really made a statement and that is: the New Gods did not come to play and Mr. Wednesday needs to consider his enemies more seriously.

American Gods Season 2 Episode 1: House of The Rock Gets a 5/5 rating from me.