American Gods: Will the Jinn Suffer the Same Fate as Mad Sweeney?


Disclaimer: Opinion Piece + Spoilers for American Gods season two.

In American Gods season one, we were introduced to the Jinn and everyone immediately fell in love with the character Salim’s love and dedication to the supernatural being. Played by Mousa Kraish, fans (including myself) were very pleased to see more of the Jinn in the second season, as his position of being one of Mr. Wednesday’s footmen was made apparent.

The Jinn, at one point; makes it apparent to Salim that he is beholden to Mr. Wednesday and must do his bidding. For reasons unknown, Odin had the Jinn locked away and only released him once it was beneficial to the Norse god. Much like the now deceased Mad Sweeney, a vague past is the reason why the Jinn must do what Mr. Wednesday wishes for him to do and, much like Sweeney; he urges Salim to walk away. Only, Salim follows his heart, so no matter who tells him that associating with the Jinn is dangerous, he regardless stays close.

Unfortunately, Mad Sweeney was killed when he dared to attempt to step away from under Mr. Wednesday’s thumb, albeit it was Shadow Moon who did the killing. Just like the leprechaun, the Jinn must do Odin’s errands, not because he wishes to do so, but because he owes the Allfather. Why, is not exactly clear. But, we see that – like Mad Sweeney – the Jinn is not just a blind follower and is not afraid to speak back to the other gods or even use vulgarities around the god he’s meant to serve.

In the beginning of the series, Mr. Wednesday was very well aware of not only Mad Sweeney’s hotheaded attitude, but that the man didn’t like him very much. There has to be some of that knowledge in regards to the Jinn, as the Ifrit does not convey that he willingly does Odin’s bidding. With Mad Sweeney out, Mr. Wednesday really only has the Jinn, as it seems that Shadow is finally realizing how toxic the Allfather is.

My question is, will Mr. Wednesday look to get the Jinn off the playing field? Much like Mad Sweeney, the Jinn is involuntarily doing Odin’s errands and now, has someone in his life who cares about him. Suddenly, they are not only simply caring about doing errands, but they have a human counterpart that makes things difficult, as it could become very dangerous for all parties involved. The Leprechaun had Laura Moon and the Jinn has Salim. Unlike the former, the Jinn is not so resistant to admitting his feelings for Salim. So, will Mr. Wednesday not only look to get rid of Salim so there are no distractions for the Jinn or will he look to get rid of the Ifrit when it becomes apparent that he’s no longer under Odin’s thumb?

We, unfortunately; have to wait until American Gods release its third season. American Gods just wrapped up its second season, so it’ll most likely be a year before we see anything from the Starz series. What do you think of the Jinn’s role in the series and what do you think we will see in season three?

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