Ant-Man and The Wasp Director Explains Inspiration and “Science” Behind the Quantum Realm


With Ant-Man, specifically Ant-Man and the Wasp, we were able to get a real inside of the Quantum Realm, which apparently will play a large part in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame film. According to Collider, director Peyton Reed participated at an Ant-Man and the Wasp Q&A to discuss the movie and how Anthony and Joe Russo helped craft the movie’s post-credits scene, thus setting up for Endgame.

As far as the inspiration for the Quantum Realm, Reed stated:

“I was always fascinated with the various versions of the micro-verse in the Marvel Comics because I was a kid who grew up reading Marvel and was first introduced to it in Fantastic Four. There was an early Doctor Doom storyline where they all shrink down in the micro-verse and stuff…”

He continued:

“I do know the rules as much as they pertain to our specific story. I also know what time and space can do down there and the seeming sort of infinite quality of the Quantum Realm. We talked a lot about what our movie’s internal logic was going to be for the Quantum Realm.”

While real science has often been used in movies, even superhero ones; throughout the years, there are some aspects that require creative thinking and expanding your mind to fit outside the box when it comes to understanding the rules of The Quantum Realm:

“Janet Van Dyne is clearly not wearing her Wasp suit down there. There are little vestiges and pieces of it she’s taken from her suit thirty years later, but she has this spear things and these other items that feel like it’s from some sort of culture. There’s something going down. It’s not just some wasteland.

The coordinates she gives for them to meet her are in this area called ‘The Wasteland’, which, let’s say you were to shrink down and go Quantum, you have to go past this Quantum Void, which is where Scott sort of reached in the first movie and blacked out. And in this Quantum Pod, Hank is sort of able to hit the thrusters and go further past the void and penetrate this membrane into the Quantum Realm. And that’s the highest level, and that’s where she’s agreed to meet him. There is definitely a shot as Hank and Janet are blasting out of the Quantum Realm where it appears there might be some sort of civilization down there.

There’s definitely a specific backstory to what Janet Van Dyne has been doing the past thirty years… There’s some great food down there, guys. The food scene in the Quantum Realm is not to be believed (laughs). For the breathing, Janet makes the point that her time down there has not just been adaptation. It’s also been evolution, and maybe she’s evolved as a being. So when she’s first down there, it’s easy to imagine she survived from her suit, but perhaps things have happened from her time down there where she’s adapted and possibly even evolved.”

It’ll certainly be interesting to see just how much the Quantum Realm plays into Endgame and for those who don’t remember, Scott Lang is still inside the Realm! During Ant-Man and The Wasp’s post-credit scene, he was inside when the snap occurred and Hope and her parents turned to ash, meaning there was no one to pull Scott out. Who pulls Scott out and did he actually get out to be greeting the Avengers during the Endgame trailer or was that archived, as some have pointed out? Only on April 26th will we find out!