Antagonist for Jared Leto’s Morbius Revealed


With the success of Sony’s Venom, the  development for the studios next Spider-Man based film is pushing forward with more details being revealed on Morbius the Living Vampire. The Hashtag Show has learned that the main antagonist for the movie will be. It was previously revealed that the film’s antagonist would be a friend of Morbius’ who betrayed him and that still remains true. While the initial thought was that it  might be Emil Nikos, it was learned that instead Michael Morbius will face off against his good friend Loxias Crown.

If your first reaction is who?? That may be because Loxias Crown doesn’t exist in the comics, at least not by that name. During his conflict with Spider-Man and Morbius, he went by the name of Hunger instead. Crown made his first appearance in 1997’s Spider-Man #76. If Sony’s plan is to adapt the Crown character, the are making some modifications to his history (which is pretty much par for the course in these film adaptations). In the story, Loxias Crown suffers from the same rare blood disease as his once good friend Morbius. Also like Michael, he uses the same serum and is cursed with the same tragic results. It will come down to Morbius trying to stop Crown from the murderous rampage he is on while also combating his own blood driven urges.

Morbius is slated to start production in the beginning of the year so the casting for the role of Crown should be upcoming. At this time, only Jared Leto’s role is secured. Rest assured we at GVNation will keep you in the know as more details come to light. Morbius fans, How do you feel about Loxias Crown as the main villain Morbius must face? Share your preferences with us at GVNation.