Anthony Mackie Once Auditioned To Play Iron Man 3 Villain


We all have known Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson aka The Falcon in the MCU. However, if things had went differently, Mackie might have played the role of the Mandarin in Iron Man 3.

This was revealed in an interview Mackie had with Men’s Health Magazine. In the interview, Mackie said he auditioned for the Mandarin role but was beaten out by some actor named Kingsley. Of course the Mandarin that Ben Kingsley played was a far stretch from the comic version of the Mandarin. This proved to be a problem with many fans who expected the classic version of the character.

It did work out for Mackie however. Although he didn’t get the Mandarin part, he impressed so much with his screen test it earned him a followup meeting with Joe Russo and producer Nate Moore. This would eventually lead him to being cast as Sam Wilson and as of End Game, the New Captain America.

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Source: CBR