Apple Looking To Reduce Production On Their Newest iPhone’s


When it comes to Holiday sales, Apple is not a novice at the game. Nor are they reluctant to reduce production when they believe sales do not reflect the need. This would seem to be the direction Apple has decided to follow with their latest phones. This is based on a report from the Wall Street Journal as sources reveal that the sales of the iPhone XR have been less than expected since it’s release. This is not the first time that Apple has reported the possible reduction of a phones production as this also happened upon the release of the iPhone X, although that proved to be more speculation than fact.

Another possible explanation may center on Apple’s new policy of putting more emphasis on the cost of each unit rather than trying to lower prices to drive sales. It is a strategy that appears to be working as sales figures showed a 29% percent increase in revenue while their sales figures remained level. As I said, this is not Apple’s first rodeo. In fact, by reporting that production might be cut back it might inspire those who crave the newest and the latest to take the plunge to avoid a possible “shortage” later.

However, since Apple has decided to not reveal unit sales figures for their devices, we might never know. Does the possible reduction of production for the newest Apple phones give you any cause for concern? Here is your place to express your deepest Apple fears with us at GVNation.