Apple Streaming Service News Coming In March


Apple may have launched a digital service four years ago, but next month the company will have a new streaming service to boast about. Every platform has its streaming service with content – Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, DC Universe, the upcoming Disney+, and many cable network providers are coming out with their own, which will probably get a little confusing at some point, but either way this Apple service will be announced at an event on March 25th. An event that will include J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Aniston.

Apple’s streaming platform will be similar to Amazon Prime and Netflix, including both movies and TV shows that are either funded by or acquired by Apple. There will be plenty of original programs and it’s reported that services are likely to be a part of Apple’s TV app. It’s also expected that like Hulu and Prime, that you will be able to also buy plug-ins like STARZ on the app.

CEO Randall Stephenson spoke of the app, which is expected to launch by 2019’s end:

“Our model will be a two-sided model, with a heavy subscription service but some ad-supported elements as well,” Stephenson revealed.

Are you excited for Apple’s streaming service or are the apps becoming like cable? Let us know!

Source: CB