‘Aquaman’ Director Expresses Concern About Social Media Attacks On Critics of His Film

If there is one thing that is as common as breathing, it is a persons proclivity to defend the things they like. It doesn’t matter if it’s their favorite food, sports team, or their favorite movie. Unfortunately, sometimes in the fervor to support their opinions, they can be a little aggressive to other fans and start a social media scrum. This has been especially true with James Wan’s Aquaman. It came down to those who have come to expect the worse from films in the DCU and those who believe that Aquaman has begun the turnaround. Apparently, these conflicts have caught the attention of the Director Wan who went to Twitter to express his feelings about these arguments.

While you can argue about whether you liked the film or not, one thing is for sure, you can not argue with its box office success. It is slowly  moving toward $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales. It must be doing something right. Have you seen Aquaman yet? If so, can you see why some people might not like it? Share your opinions either way with us at GVNation. We are open to all opinions…but as James Wan requested: “Be respectful.”