Aquaman Director Goes Into Detail Over Movie’s Final Battle Scene


For those who have not marched into the theaters this past weekend to see Aquaman, turn back now! Spoilers ahead!

Aquaman was a massive accomplishment. Not only did it set a new tone for the DCEU, but also solidified James Wan as the director that the DC needs right now. Jason Momoa did a fantastic job as Arthur Curry and nothing was more exciting than seeing him claim Atlan’s trident in the third act of the movie, before engaging in a huge final battle that was nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Of course, a battle underwater required a lot of visual effects, which director Wan commented on:

“It was a combination of a lot, a lot of efforts from a lot of people,” Wan tells “You know, whenever we have the actors, obviously, they’re there on wires and on rigs, and they have to do what they have to do, and big stunts obviously with the actors riding their creatures, and jumping, and hacking and slashing their way through the sequence. And then ultimately just a lot of many iterations of visual effects on all the shots. Just keep working on the shots, keep tweaking it, and trying to get the animation looking right. Trying to make sure to design the action in such a way where even though there’s a lot of visual effects happening, a lot of CG happening, I want the audience to kind of know where they are, and then on top of that, just wanted to just keep breaking grounds. You know, breaking visual grounds that we haven’t seen before, and just really push the envelope.”

Wan is also hopeful that Aquaman can stand the test of time:

“I really want this movie, decades from now, for people to still say, ‘Holy crap. This movie holds up,'” Wan said. “Or even if the visual effects don’t hold up 10 years from now, at least they can look at it and just go, ‘Wow, they went for it in a big, big way.'”

What did you think of that insane battle in Aquaman?

Source: CB