Aquaman Features a Man of Steel Easter Egg That You Probably Missed


If you went to see Aquaman this past weekend, it’s fair to say that you most likely missed the Man of Steel Easter Egg that was in the film. Zack Snyder once confirmed that there was an Aquaman reference in Man of Steel, where Clark Kent attempted to save employees who were on a burning and collapsing oil rig. We then see him alive with a whale and its child, as the employees on the oil rig had been rescued. Snyder confirmed that this had been the work of Arthur Curry, which would make this reference way before Jason Momoa ever took up the trident.

Aquaman then paid the reference back, where we see during an altercation between Arthur and his half-brother Orm; a hologram of an image of said oil rig burning down. The same one from Man of Steel. This was during an argument between the two where Orm had pointed out the monstrosities that land dwellers burdened on those in the sea.

Did you happen to catch the Easter Egg? If you’re planning on going back to the theaters to see Aquaman again, keep an eye out!

Source: CB