‘Aquaman’ On Track For $1 Billion At the Worldwide Box Office According To Report


Although Aquaman had the lowest domestic opening for a DCEU movie, it is quickly on its way to making over $1 billion dollars worldwide. With the movie hitting theaters early for Amazon Prime subscribers, the film has had more time to become a box-office success. This is great considering the character Aquaman has always been a bit of a joke within the comic book community. Having Jason Momoa lead and James Wan direct was certainly a good idea, one that will hopefully prove to the studios that casting the right person is key.

Forbes is the origin of this prediction, which was reached by taking the current foreign and domestic box office totals and combining it with the track record. The consistency of those going to the theaters to watch the film, whether it be for the first, second, or third time, and its storyline are what helps this film in the box office. The film is already Warner Bros’s highest grossing film in China and the movie has made around $105 million in the North American box office.

While there is certainty that Aquaman will get a sequel, Wan has not signed on for it yet. But, this could change and considering what he has done for Aquaman and the perception of the DCEU, we certainly hope he’ll come to be involved with a sequel.

Source: Screen Rant