‘Aquaman’ Test Screening Receives Positive Reactions

With the weight of the DC Movie fandom possibly resting on its massive tattooed shoulders, it’s been reported that Warner Bros. and DC’s Aquaman was test screened last night to positive reactions from its audience.

Aquaman is set to be released this December 21st, a date which may have seemed like a ways away  it now is coming up very quickly on the studio. Test screenings like the one that took place last night are not uncommon.

Aquaman is expected to be a beacon of hope thanks to the hiring of James Wan, known for horror films such as The Conjuring and Insidious, as well as having some action film making experience thanks to directing Furious 7. Aquaman’s trailer has received a very positive reception from fans. It appears that the film itself will follow through with the promised quality that was hinted by the trailer with Collider’s Steven Weintraub sharing that the screening has had a positive reaction.

Ok DC fans, does this positive news give you a glimmer of hope that the disappointment of the Justice League be “washed away” by Aquaman and maybe by Shazam! next year? Summon your denizens of the deep and tell us your feelings at GVNation.