Aquaman’s End Title Sequence Now Online

Aquaman was a very beautifully made movie by James Wan and to top that off the End title sequence was just love at first sight! this is something that Dc films have done right every single time from Wonder Woman to even Suicide Squad.

This is what filmograph had to say,

“Working with DC, Warner Bros. and director James Wan, Filmograph created a sequence that takes the viewer on a travelogue journey from Aquaman’s coastal home and lighthouse to his epic battle to become ruler of all the underwater kingdoms. From the bright, bioluminescent colors of Atlantis to the high contrast lava-like palette of the Brine Kingdom, we have the chance to see and feel the rich, vibrant textures of the world our characters inhabit. Distinctly integrated cartographic vernacular and a range of complementary, compass-based designs were incorporated into the sequence in an effort to emphasize the documented past of the kingdoms; these, combined with meticulously-crafted frozen action moments – as if suspended underwater – allowed us to craft this uniquely engaging cinematic experience.”

What did you all think of the end title sequence? Do you like them, should they get rid of them, or do you not care for them? Comment down below your thoughts.

Aquaman’s Box office is currently at $275,156,781 domestically and $988,556,781 Worldwide! If you haven’t seen the movie yet I highly suggest it. Here is our review for Aquaman and the End Title Sequence for Aquaman.