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Live-Action TV Series Ghost Rider and Helstrom are Headed to Hulu in 2020

Source: Marvel The Runaways will be gaining a new fiery companion on Hulu next year. Hulu revealed their plans to expand upon its partnership with Marvel Television, ordering two brand new live-action series: Marvel’s Ghost Rider and Marvel’s Helstrom – both slated for 2020 premiere dates. Marvel’s Ghost Rider will center around anti-hero Robbie Reyes, who, after surrendering his soul to a demon, now sports a flaming skull and flesh consumed by hellfire. The show will focus on the version of Robbie Reyes who was previously featured on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, rather than Nicolas Cage’s infamous rendition of Johnny Blaze on
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7 Gifs That Prove Klaus Is the True Rockstar of The Umbrella Academy

Oh, Klaus Hargreeves — The drug-addicted, hedonistic character from Netflix’s latest hit, The Umbrella Academy. He’s like a wildly addictive narcotic that you just can’t get enough of. Haven’t watched the binge-worthy series yet? Shame on you. But that’s okay, if you’ve been anywhere near the internet since the series debuted on February 15th, then you’ve likely witnessed the horde of tweets, memes, and mentions of the infamous Klaus. Between his killer wardrobe, spot-on comedic timing, ability to communicate with the dead, and tear-jerking love story, it’s no surprise he’s become such a fan favorite. Hats off to you, Robert
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