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Opinion: Why The DCAU Should Be Released In Theaters

When I was a child I watched many franchises. I would watch Beyblade, Pokemon, Digimon, and Dragon Ball Z (my favorite anime), but one series that always had my attention and made me the DC fan I am today is the Justice League series. That show introduced me to my favorite superhero, Superman, and led me to watch the Richard Donner Superman films. Something clicked when I watched the Justice League series and I don’t know why. Possibly because the writers did not make the show all about superpowers, but also made the characters have personality and relatable in some
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Jason Todd To Be A Regular On ‘Titans’ Season 2?

The start of Titans season 2 production begins today, and it includes a new series regular. According to Geeks World Wide, Curran Walters (plays Jason Todd) is being upped from a recurring guest star to a series regular. This RUMOR is interested because this season includes Deathstroke and his children Jericho and Rose. Could there a potential love interest between Rose and Jason? RUMOR: Curran Walters Upped To Series Regular For ‘Titans’ Season Two-[] — Thomas Polito (@thomasp0003) April 2, 2019 How will Deathstroke handle this if it does happen? I am not sure but check out season 1
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New Rumors on DCEU Black Adam, The Flash, and Supergirl!

The past few days have been interesting to say the least, regarding recent news on DCEU projects. The race for The Flash star Ezra Miller to submit a script that will please Warner Bros. to produce instead of the co-directors, Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, version of The Flash. Black Adam story that prequels the DCEU and introduces Hawkman as the antagonist with Stargirl included. Now, there is more information about the Supergirl project. Remember, this information will all be RUMORS and nothing confirmed. THE FLASH For The Flash, we already know that Ezra Miller is working with Grant
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