Batman/Superman Series First Look Takes a Step into The Batman Who Laughs Lair


Superman and Batman team up after the devastating events of The Batman Who Laughs. Together for this all-new monthly comic book, Superman and Batman will be facing off against an enemy that can strike from anywhere. Coming from writer Joshua Williamson and artist David Marquez, the Batman/Superman series debuts August 14, 2019.

Batman/Superman follows the two heroes as they are on the hunt for the six infected heroes in the DCU – aka people who are revealed to be infected by the Batman Who Laughs with a fatal pathogen that then violently morphs them into the evilest versions of themselves. Superman and Batman will journey into the depths of Gotham City to see who of their fellow heroes succumbed to this disease.

Batman/Superman is looking to follow in the footsteps of the dark and twisted Batman Who Laughs series, as you can glimpse at a panel below. Make sure you pick up your first copy August 14!