Ben Affleck Admits His Daredevil Movie was “Kinda Silly”


In preparation for Daredevil season three, let’s remember that Charlie Cox did not always play the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Once upon a time, Ben Affleck himself took up the role, a movie that was so early 2000s that Jennifer Garner was Elektra. While Affleck’s role as Batman has gained mixed reviews, almost everyone can agree that his part as Matt Murdock was…interesting to say the least. Even the actor himself now reflects on his time as blind lawyer/vigilante.

Briefly speaking about his role in a documentary Cinemability: The Art of Inclusion, the actor revealed that he worked with Tom Sullivan, a blind performer, to make his role more authentic. He knew that it was important to know what it felt like to not be able to see, which is important when displaying a character such as Matt Murdock. Affleck describes this experience as “the most interesting thing” about the movie, but then goes on to say that the rest was “kinda silly.” We all agree, Ben, we all agree.

In the spirit of not trying to make it a competition between Affleck and Cox, the latter who in fact praised the former’s performance; we can chalk up the 2003 Daredevil movie for what it was, and look forward to the premiere of the third season of Netflix’s Daredevil series, which promises to be its best yet.