Ben Barnes Cast in BBC One Series ‘Gold Digger’

Everyone loves Ben Barnes. He’s Prince Caspian, Dorian Grey, Logan Delos, and Billy Russo. No matter if he’s playing a charming prince, a spoiled rich guy, or a sociopath, you love seeing Ben Barnes on screen. Barnes is so popular that he’s the number one fan-cast for Sirius Black in Harry Potter. Have I gushed enough about this multi-talented man who also has a fantastic singing voice and often posts videos of himself on his Instagram singing, as well as featured those pipes in the independent film Jackie & Ryan.

Ben Barnes will be starring in the BBC One drama Gold Digger, playing Benjamin Golding. Golding is a playwright who involves himself in an older woman by the name of Julia Day, who will be played by Legends of The Fall’s Julia Ormond. Gold Diggers marks Barnes’s first time on a BBC One show in ten years and the show will explore how Benjamin and Julia’s relationship will weigh on Julia’s family secrets and we’ll discover if Benjamin really is, in fact, a gold digger.

Commenting on his involvement in this six-part series, Barnes stated:

“I’m thrilled to be joining the exciting cast and creative team in telling this unexpected, modern relationship story with the opportunity to play such a complex and enigmatic character.”

Personally, as a fan of Ben Barnes and an admirer of his work, anything he’s involved with will be enjoyable to watch. For right now, you can watch Barnes in the past season of Westworld and look forward to him returning to The Punisher, where he takes up the mantle of Jigsaw after Frank Castle turned his once beautiful face (it’ll still be beautiful) into swiss cheese.