Birth of the DCEU: ‘Man of Steel’


Man of Steel (2013)

Director: Zack Snyder

Cast: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russel Crow, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne

Clark Kent is an alien who as a child was evacuated from his dying world and came to Earth, living as a normal human. But when survivors of his alien home invade Earth, he must reveal himself to the world. – IMDB

It has been 6 years since Man of Steel had a full release in theatres and it is still one of the best superhero movies of all time! I’ve defended this movie since the being. This is by far the best movie Zack Snyder has put out. Yes, better than Watchmen, better than 300, better than Sucker Punch and yes better than Batman v Superman.

Zack Snyder has done something special with the character of Superman, something that even some comic book writers had problems with. Making Superman less godlike. I understand that Superman is a character that we as human beings should strive for but what Zack Snyder did was give us a Superman that struggles not only being human but also being Kryptonian.

“You’re not just anyone. One day, you’re going to have to make a choice. You’ll have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be. Whoever that man is, good character or bad, he’s going to change the world.” – Jonathan Kent

This internal struggle becomes an external struggle near the end of the movie, where General Zod is about to kill a family. This is where most people have a problem with Man of Steel. The argument some fans have is that Superman should not kill, but my argument to that is he was dealt with an impossible situation. Does he Kill Zod and let the family live or should Zod live but let the family die.

“You’re weak, son of El. The fact that you possess a sense of morality and we do not gives us an evolutionary advantage. And if history has proven anything, it is that evolution always wins!” – Faora-UI

Let’s talk about Zod, Zod is most defiantly my favorite DCEU villain and top five villains of all time. No matter how evil Zod was he only wanted what was best for his people, that was his purpose and since Superman took his only purpose away from him. Zod decided on a new path, killing all humans. General Zod the same race as Superman who trained in Kryptonian martial arts and has battle experience vs Superman that had no training and no experience in battle. It was only luck that Superman defeated Zod the way he did.

“I was bred to be a warrior, Kal. Trained my entire life to master my senses. Where did you train? On a farm?” – General Zod

No matter how good the story is, that does not matter if the actors were not believable but in Man of Steel, almost everyone is incredible. Henry Cavill is a perfect Superman, many will choose Christopher Reeves Superman but not me. Christopher Reeves Superman is outdated and I feel that Henry Cavill Superman will stand the test of time. Michael Shannon as General Zod is nothing but greatness from the first act of the movie to the last, I believed he really loved Krypton a lot and when he realized that he could not save the future of his planet it sends shivers down my spine. I was completely scared for Superman but at the same time, I felt remorse for General Zod.

Russel Crow as the Jor-EL father of Kal-El and mentor to Superman was perfect casting you can tell that he loved his son no matter how brief it was, you can tell Russel Crow enjoyed this film from the fight sequences, shout out to the fight choreographers to the dialogue Russel Crow delivers. Kevin Costner as father and mentor to Clark Kent and Diane Lane as a mother and mentor to Clark Kent both play off each other in a perfect way. Every emotional beat is executed in a way that the fans love from the scene were Martha shows up to Clark’s school to Pa Kent telling Clark not to save him.

The performances were not the only thing to help enhanced this magnificent story, but also Hans Zimmer score. the score, Sent Here for a Reason you can feel the saddness in this scene because of this specific score but not only sadness also hope, Hope of a new beginning and there is more, that enhances the story in a way that will satisfy the audience.

Overall this was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life the only movie I would say I had the same enjoyment and love was Avengers Infinity War. If you have not watched this movie yet I highly suggest it and if you have watched Man of Steel please go back and revist it.

Score: A+