Black Mirror Season Five to Feature an Interactive Episode


Netflix’s Black Mirror has always been known as cautionary tales about the advancements of technology, with few ending happily. Still, we eagerly watch each installment to be brought through the adventure, where outcomes are seldom what we originally thought they would be. We don’t have much more time to wait for season five to come out, which will premiere in December, and according to reports, there will be a real-life interactive episode included in the mix. Don’t you sometimes watch the show wishing you were in it, making decisions? Well, maybe not some of them, like the terrifying “Playtest” or others; but with episodes like Emmy-winning USS Callister and San Junipero, I certainly wish I was involved.

Interactive shows have been experimenting, with such shows as Netflix’s kid series Puss in Book or HBO’s Mosaic. It’ll be interesting to see how Black Mirror adapts to this and even though it will involve the audience, I’m sure the outcome will still be a place we never thought of it.

What was your favorite Black Mirror episode from the last four seasons? Make sure you keep your eyes and ears out for when the fifth season drops in December.