‘Black Panther’ Coming to Netflix

In case you missed the news, Marvel’s Black Panther is a record breaker. With raking in over $700 million dollars domestically and being the first film to appear on Saudi Arabian theater screens after a 35-year ban, Black Panther is a powerhouse that showed everyone that there needs to be more diversity in film-making. Not only will it be lucrative, but it’s extremely important for representation. Black Panther was both action-packed and visually stunning, a great solo-film for the king of Wakanda.

Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience all over again, as Black Panther is coming to Netflix on September 4th. Black Panther will be one of the last Marvel films to be featured on the streaming service, with Captain Marvel being the last one. In 2019, Marvel will officially release its own streaming service, much like DC Universe. This kind of move should not affect the Netflix MCU, as such shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and The Punisher are all property of Netflix. In the meantime, you can enjoy Black Panther and prepare for Avengers: Infinity War, premiering May 3, 2019.