‘Black Widow’ Movie Not A Prequel After All?


The Black Widow film is happening, get over it. I see many followers on Twitter question if this film will ever happen but I can assure you it is happening and production is set to begin very soon. The lingering question has been, Where and when will this movie take place? It’s been rumored and speculated that it would be a prequel film, that we would see a young Natasha Romanoff climb the ranks to become the top spy/assassin we know her to be. Some even wondered how much of a part Scarlett Johansson would play if they made it a true prequel and cast someone younger. Then came Endgame and everyone was certain the movie would be a prequel or flashback type movie after what happened to the titular character.

We might have a better understanding of the time line now thanks to a comment from the Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan. According to him the movie will take place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. This time period was while her, Captain America and Falcon were on the run and in hiding.

I must say that part of the film might take place during that time but I cannot see the entire film being about them on the run. I think a prequel makes more sense to show her pre SHIELD and Avengers days. Perhaps Renner is cast and we get the famous Budapest scene they mention quite often. I could see the Black Widow film opening between the events of Civil War and Infinity War and Natasha telling Steve and Sam all about how she became who she is today.

What do you think about the supposed time line? Do you think Sebastian is mistaken? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: ComicBook