bohemian rhapsody 2018

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is a decent tribute of a biopic-musical drama to one of the greatest rock band and rock artist of all time. This 2hr 15mins exhilarating movie chronicled the founding of QUEEN through the production of some of the band’s most memorable songs and the band’s break-up when Freddie Mercury decided to pursue a solo career, and ultimately culminated with QUEEN’s monumentally EPIC performance on LIVE AID global charity concert. While not a comprehensive in-depth survey of every band member’s personal life and all of their songs, the movie framed its narrative around most of Freddie Mercury’s personal life and tribulations. QUEEN bands members Brian May and Roger Taylor both served as creative consultants and music producers for this movie – insisted on a family-friendly to avoid tarnishing Freddie Mercury’s legacy. Hence, the PG-13 rating… and omitted the unnecessary and would-be distracting in-depth focus on Freddie’s sex-life. According to ROLLING STONE magazine – while Rami Malek sang parts in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, the producers inserted Freddie Mercury’s vocals from QUEEN songs into some tracks while musician-singer Marc Martel provided the rest of Freddie’s singing vocals in the movie. Phenomenal compelling portrayal of Freddie Mercury by Rami Malek absolutely transfixed me… and garnered him the Best Actor Oscar nomination which he ultimately won.

Director Bryan Singer received full credit for BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY despite being fired 3 months into production (for alleged “erratic behavior”) and was replaced by Dexter Fletcher. Excellent editing, costume design and set design contributed immensely to this satisfying musical-biopic. Scenes in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY were recreated with the expertise-consultation of
Queen archivist Greg Brooks.

While I enjoyed the movie as a whole, the rest of the movie could not measure up to the last scene of QUEEN’S legendary energetic and powerful LIVE AID concert performance.

Grade: B-average