Breakdown of ‘Hellboy’ Trailer Introduced at NYCC

If you have been following recent Tweets about the NYCC, you might have heard that a trailer for Hellboy was shown. The trailer was shown during a panel with Director Neil Marshall, Comic Creator Mike Mignola and the cast of the upcoming film. The trailer hasn’t been released to the public as of yet but Comicbook.Com has revealed some of the details.

The first footage began with a look at two people wandering a cavern, with the voice over that they knew “Something was coming,” and mention of the “Forever War.” Ian McShane’s Professor Bruttenholm is telling Hellboy that if they win it will be because of him.

Next comes a scene with Hellboy arriving at of some kind of big incident, and the police are surrounding a building. When Hellboy jumps out of the carrier vehicle a startled cop shoots at him. This causes Hellboy to scream back “I’m on your side!” with the cop appearing embarrassed and probably a little afraid and says: “Sorry. My bad.”

From there, we get a montage of footage, and Bruttenholm is heard (and briefly shown) telling Hellboy he wants him to be the “best you” that he can be, after Hellboy ponders whether he’s just seen as a weapon. Hellboy is then seen cocking his iconic big gun, stating, “Some parents get their kids LEGOS.”

What follows next are some shots of ominous riders on horses, brief bits of action, Alice cracking wise about saving the world and a man asking Hellboy if his Hand of Doom actually does something . Hellboy responds: “It smashes things real good.” We then get a shot of the hand in action, as Hellboy smashes it down, which releases some kind of energy.

Next comes a montage of intense battle footage  showing Hellboy and Alice taking on evil soldiers in a factory-type setting. This allows Neil Marshall to explore a signature gory moment that shows Hellboy shooting someone in the head while facing the camera. This naturally sends blood and grey matter flying right toward the audiences face. Bruttenholm is heard saying “You are our last and only hope.”

An opportunity to explore character relationships is shown in an exchange between Hellboy and Daimio, with the latter saying, “I thought we were fighting monsters, not working with them.” Hellboy cracks back with “Who you calling monster pal? You look in the mirror recently, Scarface?” That scene is interspersed with a scene of Hellboy telling Alice, “He’s an asshole!”

The trailers conludes with a mixture of footage that shows Hellboy in peril, and Milla Jovovich makes her appearance as The Blood Queen. Then in a climatic moment, Hellboy storms in with some kind of apocalyptic ritual taking place.  He asks The Blood Queen, “Did I interrupt,” but she ominously answers, “No, you’re right on time.” It is at that moment, Hellboy rises from some kind of pit or well holding a flaming sword – in his fully demonic form! (Think the Epic First Poster)

Thanks to Comicbook.Com for sharing the blow by blow and I imagine that trailer will be released soon for public consumption (or at least a variation of it). Does everything you’ve seen and heard to this point make you ready to see Hellboy in all of its glory? Share your excitement with us at GVNation.