Brenton Thwaites Talks Nightwing, F*ck Batman and More


We got a chance to sit and talk with the star of Titans himself Brenton Thwaites during¬† New York Comic Con. Among some of the things we asked was would we see him transition into Nightwing this season and let go of the Robin persona and would we see him wear the iconic Nightwing costume. Brenton was hesitant to answer the question fully since it would spoil the show of course but he did go into detail some about what is to come during the season. Of course he was asked about he line “Fuck Batman!” and Brenton says “because FUCK BATMAN and he does not need Batman at this time.” He says you do not need to be scared of Batman but you need to be scared of Robin.¬† You can check out the full interview with Brenton below. Make sure to leave us a comment and share your thoughts about Robin and Titans.