‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ To Showcase A #MeToo Episode

It wasn’t too long ago that the well-known actor Terry Crews testified on Capitol Hill that he had been a victim of sexual assault. A former NFL player, Crews has been an active actor since 1999. With a slew of well-known projects such as White Chicks, The Expendables franchise, Everybody Hates Chris, and recently; Deadpool 2 (where his character was severely underutilized).

Starring in the highly critically acclaimed show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Terry Crews and his co-workers have a new home on NBC after their show was canceled by Fox. Co-creator Dan Goor said there will be no changes to the show, as they’ll even be using the same theme song from before. While the cop comedy elicits a lot of laughs, Goor also hopes to have more socially conscious episodes. Among all the issues that they are looking to cover, the #MeToo movement is one of them. While it may be difficult at times for the show to remain true to its comedy roots, they want to also help use their platform to shine light on issues that are talked about today.

“We’re really interested in trying to do a MeToo storyline. It’s something we’re actively talking about in the writers’ room.” Goor stated at a panel at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour.

Crews also recalls receiving a lot of support during his time when he first stepped forward to tell what had happened to him. With him involved with the show and the creators and actors all looking to be conscious about social issues that affect people today, I believe that they’ll be able to touch upon these issues without compromising what their show represents. For a lot of fans, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s appeal is how positively it represents people of different races, genders, and sexualities, so a #MeToo episode would definitely be within the realm of what fans expect from their beloved show.

Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is expected to premiere sometime in 2019.