Bryce Hodgson Promoted on iZombie to Series Regular


Bryce Hodgson has been a reoccurring actor on The CW’s iZombie since season one. His first appearance was in season one as Scott E and although this rendition of him was killed off, Hodgson has been with us as Don E (Scott E’s twin brother) since season two. Hodgson’s character has gone through quite a journey throughout the show, from being Blaine’s lackey, to betraying his boss, to then becoming a fan favorite. Now, for iZombie’s fifth and unfortunately final season, Hodgson has been promoted to a series regular.

It’s about time! Considering he’s been in 39 episodes of the show, Blaine would be lost without Don E by his side and though the two have had a rocky relationship, their partnership is so close that there are fans who “ship” the two together. This could definitely be in part because Hodgson is a phenomenal actor and he and David Anders work so well together.

The fifth season of iZombie is sadly its last and there’s no telling what Don E and Blaine are going to do, but we know that both are looking towards a bigger future from the last we saw them in season four. The cast is currently filming and considering Rob Thomas’s other creation, Veronica Mars; is being resurrected on Hulu, I’m going to hold out hope that we see a reunion with iZombie sometime down the road.