‘Bumblebee’ New Trailer Released

The new Bumblebee trailer was released this morning. With its second trailer, Bumblebee moves beyond the initial heart tugging tale of a girl and her yellow robot. This trailer expands to show the civil war raging on Cybertron. In addition to the trailer, a new teaser was also released yesterday to reveal the Generation One versions of Optimus Prime and Soundwave on Cybertron. This teaser is encompassed in the Trailer but we include it because we are awesome that way. Notice on the twitter feed it shows trailer is tomorrow. Tomorrow is NOW as you already know from above.

For you Transformer fans, are you excited to see Bumblebee and perhaps the Transformers closer to the versions you remember from your childhood days? (For those of you old enough to remember when they were first “a thing.”) Share your thoughts and whether you consider yourself an Autobot or a Decepticon with us at GVNation