Callum Coates Cast in The Witcher for Unknown Role

Everyone has eyes on Henry Cavill’s upcoming series on Netflix, The Witcher; where he plays Geralt of Rivia. Things may be a little fuzzy in regards to Cavill’s career as Superman moving forward, but it seems things are going well for the streaming service’s take on this well-known game, and now we’re getting news of another casting decision.

Callum Coates cast in an undisclosed role from netflixwitcher

According to a subreddit r/netflixwitcher, a user shared a screenshot that revealed that Callum Coates had been brought on for an unknown role. While it hasn’t been revealed yet what he is playing, reddit users are throwing out “borch”, “Dorregaray”, or “a noble attending the Cintra banquet”. Whatever he is playing, it’s nice to see that the Witcher is bringing in more actors for us fans to be excited about.

What do you think Coates is playing on The Witcher? Let us know!

Source: CB