‘Captain Marvel’ Advanced Ticket Sales In Rarified Air


As Captain Marvel advanced ticket sales have been going for just a day, it has already joined an elite duo of Marvel Films when it comes to advanced sales. It has outdistanced all but the two money making juggernauts Avengers Infinity War and Black Panther as reported by Deadline.

The reasons for this are multiple. Chief among them are it brings to the screen an extremely popular character in the Marvel Universe. It also marks the first Marvel film that will be female driven with Brie Larson filling the role as one of the most powerful characters to grace the MCU. Throw in an exciting cast with Sam Jackson, Jude Law, and Clark Gregg among others and you get a film that people want to see.

Does it surprise you that Captain Marvel has opened so strongly in advanced ticket sales? Are YOU one of those who have taken advantage of those sales? Share your opinions with us at GVNation.