Captain Marvel’s Runtime Revealed

We are only a few months away from Captain Marvel’s official introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On March 8th, Brie Larson will be gracing movie theaters as Carol Danvers, the MCU’s strongest warrior to date. With normal movie times fluctuating throughout the years and Avengers: Endgame sitting at around three hours it seems, the runtime for the upcoming movie has just been released.


According to AMC, Captain Marvel will run about two hours and ten minutes. While this could change, given that the movie is in March; this seems like a solid standard for most movies. And we need to keep in mind that this movie is an introductory movie, giving us background on this character, who we already know is going to kick Thanos’s ass.

“She’s so, so strong. She can move planets so to me it was like how far can I go with this strength.”

Captain Marvel will hit theaters on March 8th! Are you ready?

Source: CB