Casting Breakdown For Robert Rodriguez’s ‘We Can Be Heroes’, Shooting To Begin June in Austin, TX

Indiewire Influencers 2013, Shot by Daniel Bergeron

EXCLUSIVE: We Can Be Heroes is an upcoming Netflix project that we have the character breakdowns for! Not only that, but we also have the shooting schedule for those who are looking forward to it. Robert Rodriguez will write and direct for this, which will center around a young girl who is the daughter of a superhero who has since been retired. She then discovers she has powers, thus putting together a group of young individuals who will unite to fight off an alien invasion.

Shooting will begin on June 17th of this year in Austin, Texas with Ben Ormand as the producer. Below you will find the character breakdowns:

  • Wild Card: A male of any ethnicity, they are looking for someone between 10-12 years of age who will be the son of a heroic individual. Wild Card is supposed to be cool and full of “swagger”, who has a lot to learn when it comes to harnessing his power and using it. He is the self-described leader of the group, which initially puts him in conflict with Missy, as she takes the reins. Eventually, he lets her take the reins and actually acknowledges that she is not only good for the lead role, but that she has helped him as well.
  • Wheels: A male of any ethnicity who is 10-12 years of age. Known for popping wheelies in his wheelchair, he is the son of a superhero. He tells Missy that his “legs are too strong to be supported by his bones”. He is super strong.
  • OJO: Female, any ethnicity of 10-12 years of age. Ojo is a student of the superhero classroom; she is a genius artist who communicates through her drawings. She can predict the future, which Missy catches onto quickly in this. Ojo is a secret agent as well, but she soon realizes she wants to be aligned with Missy’s group.
  • A Cappella. Female of any ethnicity, 10-12 years of age. Her superpower is her ability to sing very, very high and very, very low. She is a student of the superhero headquarters. Her vocal powers can help her manipulate objects when needed.
  • Guppy: Female of any ethnicity, age 6. She has the ability to move water.
  • Noodles: Male of any ethnicity, age 10-12. He is the son of a superhero and has the power to stretch himself.
  • Nerves: Male of any ethnicity, ages 10-12. Nerves is anxious and paranoid and is the son of a superhero. He will be able to help negotiate against an alien attack.
  • Strong Arm: Male of any ethnicity, ages 10-12. This character has one super strong, large arm, and one smaller arm.
  • Masked Kid: Male of any ethnicity, ages 10-12. Because he claims that he has allergies, he always wears a mask. Though he is not overly enthused by Missy’s efforts, he still joins for the greater good.
  • Slo-Mo: Male of any ethnicity, ages 10-12 who is very slow at everything. You are not aware of his powers, but he will come through to save the day.
  • Facemaker: Male of any ethnicity, ages 10-12, this character can transform his face to impossible ways. You will see why his powers are so valuable.

So, there you have it. What do you think about the characters that they’re looking for? Let us know!