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‘Agents of Shield’ Season 6: ‘Missing Pieces’ What We Learned [Spoilers]

After a lengthy hiatus that felt like it rivaled the forever that Game of Thrones was gone, Marvel’s Agents of Shield returned Friday Night for its Season 6 Premier. In Missing Pieces, Directed by Sarge himself, Clark Gregg, the Shield team is trying rebuild after the events of Season 5 and the losses of Coulson and Fitz. So now that we’re back in the Shield saddle, what did we learn from Missing Pieces. 1) One year has passed and Mack is still adjusting to his role as Director by watching holographic crash courses left for him by Coulson. Mack has
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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Writers Talk Disney+ Series and Their Connection To The MCU

In the past, where the Marvel Cinematic Universe was concerned, the Marvel Television world tended to walk their own path. The only exception generally was the early days of Marvel’s Agents of Shield where they made a conscious effort to tie in to what the Movie folks were doing. New York, Hydra and Asgardians were melded into the show and made for a great way to learn about some of the background information that wasn’t seen in the films. Beyond that, it was don’t look over there, nothing to see. However, with the release of Avengers: End Game and the
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New Season 6 ‘Marvel’s Agents of Shield’ Trailer released

mllkatI am a 50 something child of the 70’s who admits to being a Star Trek/Star Wars/Comic Book junkie who once dove head first over a cliff (Ok, it was a small hill) to try to rescue his Fantastic Four comic from a watery grave. I am married to a lovely woman who is as crazy as I am and the proud parent of a 15 year old boy with autism. My wife and son are my real heroes.
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